• Kimberely Simonetti

Tricks for this new WORK FROM HOME life


Kimberely here. I’m wishing you all safety and wellness! 😘 Those of you that are working from home might be finding it’s more distracting than dreamy. Here’s a few things that help me.


💜Have an “I’m in the Office” signal for others in your shared space. I like to use 🎧 headphones.

💜 Understand your distractions. Music 🎵 and TV 📺 in the background might work for focus sometimes but can be a distraction at others. Try setting a 1 hour 🧭 limit for each and see how your productivity levels change.

💜 Make LISTS. for. Everything. 📋 Awesome way to add accountability and not feel so overwhelmed about getting everything under the sun ☀️ complete in one day. I love the idea of scheduling times of day for each tasks. I’m not so good at this part but i can see how beneficial it can be to getting things completed in a timely fashion. Especially when it comes to creative work.

💜 Make it official! ✅ Clock in and clock out. ⏰ I like the app ‘Time Clock’. I also use it to take proper lunch & dinner breaks, as well as two 15 min breaks to allow yourself the social media checking, personal e-mails. A moment of sunshine break, etc. & Try not to multi-task at lunch, reserve those for your 15 min breaks

💜 Important! Make your workspace a different spot than your bed even if it’s the floor space next to the bed .

💜 Alot yourself ONLY 1 day a week for “pajama day at work”.

💜 Avoid distracting chores ie: cleaning dirty dishes, doing laundry, social media, TV. Give them scheduled times.

💜 Schedule your exercise times! And if you can’t fit in the hour or 90 minute you slotted, give yourself at least an abbreviated 20 minute version. Try to decide this before beginning your workout to be sure you don’t feel like your giving up in the middle of a workout.

💜 Don’t forget to wind down! Give yourself some ‘You Time’ at the end of the day. It can really help you be productive the following day. Just be sure to plan your bedtime before ‘you time’ to avoid binge watching or reading a book to the end.

Hope these tips help keep you organized and on track while we get through this solitude together. You can go to my personal page @yogiintheair of Facebook and Instagram if you want to know more about my working mom in the air life.

Keep following for more tips from all our UPMazing Instructors and we can’t wait to get back UP in the air with you soon. Do you have any good work from home tricks?

We want to know!

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