A million air hugs to you and your baby to-be!

We know bringing a new life into this world brings UP so many questions. We would like to help you along the way.  In our Up Flying Yoga™ Level 1 classes, we focus on several comforting movements using our Aerial "cloud" as a guide. If you are familiar with our signature classes, our poses like Enclosed Janu Sirsasana help improve pelvic balance and stabilization. Throughout every session, we focus on Balance, Gravity and movement. The support and guide of our Aerial "Cloud" will keep both mothers and babies-in-the-womb comfortable and comforted in this journey.

Creator of Up Flying Yoga, Kimberely Simonetti has studied Prenatal movement techniques through Yoga Doctors, Silver Lake Yoga Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, Spinning Babies Method and is Doula Trained through DONA International's BiniBirth.  As a Registered Prenatal Yoga Instructor (Yoga Alliance) she uses her education and experience as a Prenatal Aerial Yoga Instructor (since 2014) both inside the classroom and personal training sessions. She uses inversions, balance techniques, trigger point release and offers full body guidance to make your journey more comforting.  

Sign up for a personal training session with Kimberely to help find you balance.

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