Up Flying Yoga classes incorporate core strengthening, alignment, flexibility

and floating meditations all from the comfort of our soft aerial hammocks.  

It's the closest thing to a cloud we could get our hands on.


If lean muscles, flexibility and fun is something you've been seeking, sign up.

Take your yoga to new heights and align your body and mind from ground to sky.

During Covid19, you can find Up Flying Yoga online

we are also providing outdoor classes in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, California

just off of Ventura Blvd.

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We offer AERIAL YOGA and AERIAL DANCE classes.

Up Flying Yoga's Aerial Yoga Arts™ teacher training included dual accreditation 

recognized by the Yoga Alliance.


Kimberely Simonetti

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Celebrity Trainer Kimberely Simonetti, E-RYT, PRYT, is the Creator and Founder of Up Flying Yoga™. She is Yoga Doctor™ certified, Yoga Medicine™ 

Training and a member of the International Yoga Association of Yoga Therapy.

Kimberely has spent countless hours defying gravity creating Up Flying Yoga™ and Up Fly Aerial Dance™ as she is best known for her strong belief in the therapeutic power of Aerial Yoga Arts.


Whether you are a teacher in training or attending her classes, Kimberely brings a playful spirit as she guides every kind of individual in exploring and developing their Aerial wings. She customizes every experience based on each practitioner's needs to ensure personal growth.


Kimberely shares her craft outside of Up Flying Yoga™ through New Beauty Magazine, US Weekly, BuzzFeed, MSN Dance Nation, Mythbusters, VH1, Forbes, Bravo TV, Yoga Journal Live, and performing with Live it UP, DJ DragonFly and the Lovely Hearts


Meet The Team

Gia McLaughlin

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Gia has been training with Up Flying Yoga™ for 3 years and has joined the UP Flying Yoga™ family through our Assistant Training program in 2016, and is certified to assist Up Flying Yoga™ Level 1, and also completed our teacher training intensive and has been certified to teach UP Flying Yoga™ Level 1 since August, 2017. Gia also aerial bartends with our Aerial Troupe, The Lovely Hearts.


Her background is in gymnastics and dance and has found Aerial Yoga to be a transformative practice to nurture her past injuries and bring a sense of playfulness and adventure into physical activity.

Kaylee Sachs

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Up Fly instructor Kaylee danced competitively throughout high school and college. Shortly after, she took her first aerial dance class and hasn’t stopped since then! Kaylee has been with Up Flying Yoga™ as a student for over 5 years and is now an Up Fly™ Aerial Dance™ 1.5 certified instructor since August 2018. 

You'll find Kaylee teaching Up Fly™ Aerial Dance™ Level 1.5, Up Fly™ Aerial Dance™ Level 1.1 and Up Fly Aerial Dance Level 2.  You'll also see Kaylee performing in our Aerial Show Live it Up through our Aerial Troupe The Lovely Hearts.

Nairi Tahmizyan

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Up Fly Instructor Nairi completed

Up Fly Assistant training in 2019, completed Up Fly Aerial Dance training in January 2020 and Up Flying Yoga™ level 1 Training in June 2020.

She has been dancing on the ground for over 10 years and Up in the air for over 3 years.

You can find her teaching Up Flying Yoga and Up Fly Aerial Dance 1 & 2 as well as

training often UP in the air. 

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