Meet Our Staff

Kimberely Simonetti

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Celebrity Trainer Kimberely Simonetti, E-RYT, RPYT, Creator and Founder of Up Flying Yoga™, is Yoga Doctor™ certified, Yoga Medicine™trained and a member of the International Yoga Association of Yoga Therapy. Kimberely has spent over 10,000 hours defying gravity creating Up Flying Yoga™ and Up Fly Aerial Dance™ as she is best known for her strong belief in the therapeutic power of Aerial Yoga Arts.


Whether you are attending her classes or you are a teacher in training, Kimberely brings a playful spirit as she guides every kind of individual in exploring and developing their Aerial wings. She customizes every experience based on each practictioner's needs to ensure personal growth.


Kimberely shares her craft outside of Up Flying Yoga™ through New Beauty Magazine, US Weekly, BuzzFeed, MSN Dance Nation, Mythbusters, MTV, VH1, Forbes, Basketball Wives LA, Yoga Journal Live, Goop  and Choreographer for shows Live it UP, DJ DragonFly and Los Angeles' Aerial Troupe, The Lovely Hearts.

Beckett Arnold

Beckett is a senior instructor certified through Up Flying Yoga™ since 2013. Our Lead Assistant Trainer, 200RYT, Beckett diligently trains in aerial disciplines; Aerial Yoga, Lyra, Rope, Silks, Dance Trapeze and Hammock, as well as Contortion and Stiltwalking/dancing.


She believes yoga and movement therapy are essential for physical fitness, spiritual growth, and the sanity to overcome the difficulties of daily life.


Beckett performs stilt dancing, contortion, aerial atmosphere, and aerial bartending with  our Aerial Troupe The Lovely Hearts. You can find Beckett teaching Up Flying Yoga Levels 1 & 2, Up Fly Aerial Dance Levels 1 & 2 and Up Flying Yoga Stretch.  

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Katie Sole

Katie is certified Up Flying Yoga™ as an Aerial Movement Therapist since we first opened our clouds to the public in 2011. Originally from the UK, Katie has a Bachelors degree in Media Arts and Performance from the University of London where she studied movement expression through ballet and contemporary dance.  

You can find Katie on the silks and Aerial Bartending with  our performance troupe The Lovely Hearts.

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Chelsea Carroll

Chelsea is a lead instructor certified through Up Flying Yoga's™ teacher training in both Up Flying Yoga™and Up Fly Aerial Dance™ in 2016. She also performs and Aerial Bartends for our performance Troupe The Lovely Hearts.


Chelsea holds BFA in Dance with an emphasis in Ballet and has earned her doctorate in Physical Therapy from CalState University.  

You can find Chelsea teaching Up Flying Yoga Level 1, Up Flying Yoga Level 2 and Up Fly Aerial Dance 1 & 2. 

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Melissa Prather

In Training

Melissa is Up Flying Yoga™ Level 1 certified through our extensive Mentorship training program in 2015 and continual education recertification in 2016. She is 200RYT certified through Trimurti Yoga in Dharamsla, India. Her background in gymnastics has given her the natural passion for teaching her students the confidence to reach high and obtain their goals. She began performing in live action shows at a young age that involved acrobatics, aerial, trampoline and stunts. Melissa has experienced the benefits that a yoga practice can bring and wants to encourage others to find acceptance, empowerment and balance within their practice and in life. 

You can find Melissa teaching Up Flying Yoga level 1, Floating Meditation, Grounded Yoga Handstands, Up Fly Stretch & Flex and every once in a while aerial bartending with our performance troupe The Lovely Hearts.

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Ruth Choudhury

Hailing from Ireland, Ruth found a love of yoga very early in life thanks to her Indian Father and his yoga teachings from birth. Ruth graduated Up Flying Yoga through our extensive Mentorship Training in 2015, and completed continual education certification in 2016. Ruth calls Up Flying Yoga "the greatest medicine" to those looking for a new way to feel fantastic. Her classes focus on  re-connecting to oneself and one's body through mindful breathing as you stretch and strengthen.

You can find Ruth teaching Up Flying Yoga Level 1, Up Flying Yoga Level 2 and Up Fly Aerial Dance.  As well as performing and Aerial Bartending for our Aerial Troupe The Lovely Hearts.

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Renee Ransom

Renee is part of the UP Flying Yoga™ family through our Up Flying Yoga™ Assistant and Teacher Training program in 2016, and is certified to teach Up Flying Yoga™ Level 1 and Up Flying Yoga™ Burn and certified in Up Fly Silks in 2019. Renee trains consistently in Aerial Yoga, Silks, Hoop, and other disciplines. She also performs with our Aerial Troupe, The Lovely Hearts.


You'll find Renee teaching Up Flying Yoga™ Level 1 & Up Flying Yoga™ Level 2, as well as Up Fly Silks. 

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Lena Alani

Lena has completed our extensive Up Flying Yoga™ Level 1 Instructors Training Program. She is an Aerialist and dancer originally from Moscow, Russia and a highly passionate aerialist with patience and care for all her students.


You can find Lena teaching Up Flying Yoga Level 1 and Aerial Silks Level 1 & 2.

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Jordann Baker

Jordann has been a guest instructor at Up Flying Yoga since September 2014. Jordann began her career as an aerialist in 2006 in NYC, and has since moved to LA performing for several aerial companies along the way (throughout greater LA, NY, Dubai, Hawaii & El Salvador.) Jordann focuses her aerial instruction using all the valuable fundamentals in every class; form, flexibility, strength and safety. She brings cheer to the classroom and takes great care with each individual as they explore the art of Aerial Dance. You can also see her performing with her aerial troupe, ShapeShifters.

You can find Jordan teaching Aerial Dance levels 2,3 and Aerial Silks Level 1 & 2,3.

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Lidia Giron

Lidia has joined Up Flying Yoga through our Mentorship Training Program. Certified to teach and assist Up Flying Yoga Level 1™, you'll find  her teaching and subbing our Up Flying Yoga Level 1 classes, as well as teaching Up Flying Yoga in Spanish on the second Monday of the month in 2018.

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Gia McLaughlan

Gia has been training with Up Flying Yoga™ for 3 years and has joined the UP Flying Yoga™ family through our Assistant Training program in 2016, and is certified to assist Up Flying Yoga™ Level 1, and also completed our teacher training intensive and has been certified to teach UP Flying Yoga™ Level 1 since August, 2017. Gia also aerial bartends with our Aerial Troupe, The Lovely Hearts.


Her background is in gymnastics and dance and has found Aerial Yoga to be a transformative practice to nurture her past injuries and bring a sense of playfulness and adventure into physical activity.

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Jen Von Essen

Jen joined the Up Fly staff in 2018 through Up Flying Yoga scholarship and has been certified in Up Flying Yoga since February 2018, Up Fly Aerial Dance since August 2018 and Up Fly Silks in 2019. 


Jen has always felt most comfortable when not connected to solid ground which shows in her childhood of gymnastics and swimming. Finding Aerial Arts through her first class at Up Flying Yoga was a life changing journey, offering peace to both a body full of old injuries, and a soul aching to fly. She trains consistently on silks and hammock but has been branching out to other styles of aerial and circus as well.

You can also find Jen performing with our Aerial Troupe, The Lovely Hearts. 

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Kaylee Sachs

Up Fly instructor Kaylee danced competitively throughout high school and college. Shortly after, she took her first aerial dance class and hasn’t stopped since then! Kaylee has been with Up Flying Yoga™ as a student for over 5 years and is now an Up Fly™ Aerial Dance™ 1.5 certified instructor since August 2018. 

You'll find Kaylee teaching Up Fly™ Aerial Dance™ Level 1.5, Up Fly™ Aerial Dance™ Level 1.1 and Up Fly Aerial Dance Level 2.  You'll also see Kaylee performing in our Aerial Show Live it Up through our Aerial Troupe The Lovely Hearts.

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Christine Price

Christine is an Up Flying Yoga Certified instructor since June 2019, Up Fly Dance since August 2019 and currently teaches in our Studio City location.


Christine having personally long benefited from the healing modalities of mindful movement, meditation and music, she finds joy is in sharing such with others. She is a senior yoga instructor, registered with yoga alliance as ERY-200, RYT500 and has taught a variety of different genres of yoga for over 12 years.  It is her joy to welcome each student into the ever more expansive, healthful, expressive and authentic versions of themselves.  

You'll also find her teaching modules within Up Flying Yoga's Teacher Training program as well as Up Fly Soundbaths. 

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Pamela Kay MacDonald

Pamela is a certified Up Fly Aerial Dance Instructor since June 2019. Pam is a wife, mother, aerialist, and youth girls speaker. As an aerialist, she consistently performs and trains multiple disciplines, particularly hammock, hoop, & flying trapeze. As a speaker, she combines aerial acts with motivating messages and has reached hundreds of girls and women, performing for audiences at conferences, universities, and other events.
Behind her aerial work, she has a Bachelors in the Science of Nursing and worked as a Labor & Delivery/Postpartum nurse. She is also a certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise and has led women's bootcamps & fitness classes throughout L.A.

Using her wide range of experience teaching people of all ages and backgrounds, along with her joy & absolute passion for the aerial arts, Pam strives to help students with energy, encouragement, and her belief in their infinite potential.

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Additional Guest Instructors

Branca Ferrazo

Branca is an aerialist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil beginning in 1998, trained by some of the best Cirque du

Soleil coaches in Swinging Trapeze, Lyra, Straps, and her main discipline and passion – the Corde Lisse. She was also

certified in yoga instruction in 2005 at the Sivananda Vedanta Center (RYS200). You can find Branca subbing Aerial Dance level 2 and Aerial Silks Level 1 & 2.

Rain Anya

Rain got her start in the world of musical theater, and has explored various types of music,

dance, circus, and movement forms. She is a passionate aerial artist, yoga instructor and co-creator of  the performance company, Paper Doll Militia based in LA & Scotland. 

Up Flying Yoga around the World

Amira Nijim


Ameera is certified through our Up Flying Yoga™ Level 1 intensive since August 2016. You can find Ameera teaching Up Flying Yoga™ in Palestine. 

Danielle Lowy

New Zealand

Danielle is certified through our Up Flying Yoga™ Level 1 intensive since August 2017. You can find her teaching Up Flying Yoga™  in New Zealand.

Birgit Morper

Munich, Germany

Birgit is currently completing dual certification in Up Flying Yoga™ Level 1 and Up Flying Yoga Level 2. You can find her teaching Up Flying Yoga™  in Munich, Germany.

Ace Richards

Los Angeles, CA

Ace completed  Up Flying Yoga Level 1 teacher training and assistant training in 2016. Ace has a vast background in ballet, tap, jazz, modern, and hip hop as he has

been dancing for 15 years.  Ace enjoys finding peace of mind that can be passed onto others through instruction. He comes to each class open minded and patience to every student.

Ashley Froschauer

Mammoth, CA

Ashley joined the UP Flying Yoga™ team through our extensive mentorship training program in 2014. After many years of high-

impact sports and having a hectic career in veterinary cardiology, she has experienced first-hand the physical and mental healing benefits of Aerial Yoga. 

Liberty Solek

Tri-Cities, MI

Liberty has joined the Up Flying Yoga family spreading Up Fly love all the way to Michigan.

Liberty has a background in dance, pom and cheer. Whether she's sharing her yogi passion in the air or

on the ground, she comes to every class with love, care and genuine presence to share with each and every student.

Colleen Sands

Colleen has joined Up Flying Yoga™ under our Up Flying Yoga™ Level 1 Teacher Training program. Certified to teach and assist our

Level 1 format, you'll find her subbing and assisting Up Flying Yoga™ level 1 .

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Michelle Li

El Monte, CA

Michelle is certified through our Up Flying Yoga™ Level 1 intensive since August 2018. You can find her teaching the Up Flying Yoga™ method at Fine Yoga in El Monte, Californa.

Martha Parshall Richards

Columbus, IN

Martha has joined the Up Flying Yoga family and is currently studying towards her 200RYT certification with Up Flying Yoga.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 4.23.20 PM_edi

She holds a background in formal danc training and pilates. 

You can find Martha teaching Aerial Yoga Arts in Columbus, Indiana. 


completed our extensive mentorship 

training in assisting and Up Fly™ Aerial Dance in 2016. As well as our Aerial Bartending training with our Aerial Troupe, The

Lisa-Marie Burnside

   Altadena, CA

Lovely Hearts. When she is not in the air, she enjoys hiking and running. You can find Lisa-Marie subbing Up Fly Aerial Dance and Aerial Silks.

Carli Jo

Carli Jo finished 

our Up Flying Yoga™ Level 1 Teacher and Assistant Training program and was

certified in 2017. You can find her subbing Up

Flying Yoga™ Level 1 here at Up.

Lauren Brown

Lauren completed her teacher training in Up Fly Aerial Dance Level 1 in August, 2018.


Trained in gymnastics at an early age, Lauren has fallen in love with all forms of dance and movement over the past 15 years. She hopes to spread her passion for dance to her students in a nurturing and fun-loving environment.

Larisa Stavis

Larisa has joined Up Flying Yoga™ in August 2018 under our Up Flying Yoga™ Level 1 Teacher Training program. Certified to teach and assist our

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 4.11.10 PM_edi

Level 1 format, you'll find her subbing and assisting Up Flying Yoga™ level 1 .

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