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I've been going to Up Flying Yoga for almost a year now and it is keeping me in great shape. The aerial yoga classes are amazing for improving your strength as well as your flexibility. Even though the yoga hammock supports your poses, this doesn't make it easier - it makes it challenging in new ways.​I have also been taking the aerial hammock performance classes and they are a fabulous workout and also amazingly fun. Kimberely and Katie are fantastic at demonstrating and explaining how to do things that you couldn't imagine yourself doing when you first see it. If you're interested in aerial arts or are looking for a new element to add to your yoga practice, then give UP Flying Yoga a try. They are great!

- Michelle S., Burbank, CA

"If you want to try a new spin on yoga.. this is it!! I have known Kim for many years. She is extremely passionate at what she does and it shows in her classes. This is such a great workout, plus its fun and you feel sexy while doing it.  You gotta try her classes you will be hooked!" 

-Tamara B., Burbank, CA

I've been a yogi for 6 years and aerial yoga is a completely different experience! It challenges you in different ways, while also allowing you to get deeper stretches and supported balances using the fabric. It's a great stretch and a challenging workout! I've also taken aerial hammock from Kim for a long time and I love it! For those of you aerialists, it's kind of like hoop, trapeze, and silks all in one super fun apparatus. You can't beat the instructors at UP, they're amazingly supportive and encouraging. Stop putting it off and start now!

- Beth F., Los Angeles, CA

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