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Up Flying Yoga™ is a workout ABOVE the rest

all from the comfort of our soft aerial hammocks. 


Strengthen your core, stretch your spine.

Grow your wings.

See below to learn more.

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Classes in Los Angeles

are now outdoors!

We're back UP in the air under safest conditions

Social Distancing at minimum 8 feet apart under our traveling Aerial Stands. Masks MUST be worn upon entry and exit. Buy your own hammock to use for sessions or rent our washed and sanitized hammock at sign up.


Customized training in your Up Flying Yoga™ and

Up Fly Aerial Dance™ practice based on your personal growth in strength, flexibility, yoga alignment and aerial arts.


Up Flying Yoga™ classes are now outdoors! The safest place to be!

Sign up to reserve one of our traveling Aerial stands and hammock with safe social distance of 8+ feet!

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