Up Fly Aerial Dance™ incorporates postures from our signature Up Flying Yoga™, the Aerial Arts and Dance. With the hammock raising up to five feet from the ground, we work on conditioning and strength training while climbing, spinning, posing and flipping. This class gets you UP in the air safely and confidently.  You will have so much fun exploring the challenge.​​ If you haven't taken any of our classes, try Up Flying Yoga™ level 1 class first so we can introduce you to the apparatus. If it's your first time UP this high, sign up for Up Fly Aerial Dance™ Level 1 first. And if you are familiar with what it's like UP here, ask our instructors if you are ready to sign up for our Intermediate and Advanced classes. All of our classes will be sure to get you a great workout.

Up Fly Aerial Dance™ Level 1

Prerequisites: Up Flying Yoga™ Level 1

For those who are looking to explore the art of dance in the air, we incorporate postures from our signature Up Flying Yoga™, from Aerial Arts and Performance Arts. You will be introduced to the aerial hammock at three feet off the ground. The class includes conditioning, strength training, climbs, spins, and poses. You will begin to develop strength and vocabulary for intermediate level tricks. We get you UP in the air safely, confidently and you will have so much fun exploring the challenge.


Up Fly Aerial Dance™ Mixed Apparatus

Prerequisites: Up Fly Aerial Dance™ Level 1

This class is for those who have already experienced the fundamentals in our signature Up Flying Yoga™ Level 1 and Up Fly Aerial Dance™ Level 1. Once you feel comfortable in the level 1 format, this class will take you to the next level. This mixed apparatus format will allow you to explore our Aerial Hammock, Aerial Silk, Aerial Lyra/Hoop and you may even explore movements in some of our more unique apparatuses. You will work on stretch, conditioning, strength training and Dance style movements in the air. We promise you'll work UP a sweat and we'll finish with a cool down to properly take care of the body throughout your aerial adventures.


Up Fly Aerial Dance™ Level 2

Prerequisites: Up Fly Aerial Dance™ Level 1

In this class, we explore climbs, more transitions, more flips and introduce aerial tricks. The hammocks start at five feet off the ground and you will be getting up and down them a minimum 20 times during the 1 hour session. That's before even attempting the high hammock moves worked on in this session. You must have already strengthened your body in Up Fly Aerial Dance™ Level 1 before attending this class. You will be able use your strength and vocabulary from Level 1 to take you higher. This class is sure to give your arms and core a great workout.


Aerial Silks

Prerequisites: Up Fly Aerial Dance™ Level 1

Once you have attended our Up Flying Yoga™ and Up Fly Aerial Dance™ Level 1 classes and are looking to take your practice even higher, build more upper body and core strength, then get yourself 18' in the air with Aerial Silks. In this class, you will learn fun climbs, drops, and flips. You'll also learn how to transition your Up Fly Aerial Dance™ moves to the silk and build on your aerial knowledge. To attend this class, you must have previous Aerial experience. Check out our Up Fly Aerial Dance™ Level 1 class to gain confidence in aerial fabric - keep in mind that silks requires you to hold up your entire body wieght. If you are finding prerequisite restrictions in error, please email us at hello@upflyingyoga.com for approval.



Aerial Hoop/Lyra

Prerequisites: Up Fly Aerial Dance™ Level 1

In this class, you'll be introduced to the metal circle known as aerial hoop or lyra. You'll learn conditioning techniques, as well as safe practice habits, while performing beautiful aerial tricks and poses on a hoop suspended up to 6 feet off the ground. This class is for those who have attended Up Fly Aerial Dance™ Level 1 and are looking to advance their Practice.


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