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Up Fly is now Outdoors!

Updated: Jul 6

We are packing things Up and taking Up Fly Outdoors! 🌿

We're relocating safely out in the sun, socially distant and, of course, UP in the open air!

* If you are staying home, we’re still offering online personal training, selling our traveling aerial stands and aerial gear at UpFlyingYoga.com


located in Studio City, location disclosed after sign up.

Book your class online at UpFlyingYoga.com

We have two price categories:

the first and last session of the day, you’ll learn how to set up or take down

our traveling aerial stand and you receive a $9 discount!

(For a limited time only,) it’s $36 for any book-end session and

$45 for our other sessions throughout the day.

If you had a class package available during closure, it can be applied towards our outdoor sessions. If you had an active membership at closure, it is now reactivated and has been extended four months + your remaining membership days have been doubled. IE: if you had one week left on your membership, you will have an additional week available for booking. We will not be running any future auto-billing unless requested. Single class sessions are available for any new purchases!

Once you see how easy it is to set up our traveling aerial stand, you’ll want to take one home right away! It’s only $799 and available for same-day purchase!

We are so happy to be safely back Up in the air with you again. Here's a list of safety measures we'll be taking to keep everyone well.

Safety Measures FAQ:

💜 Our traveling aerial stands measure at 8 feet x 9 feet on the ground. No one else is allowed under your aerial stand except for you! We are easily able to keep more than the minimum required distance at all times when on the hammocks.

💜 We are selling our outdoor class HAMMOCKS at a discounted rate of $60 when purchasing a class. Those who choose not to purchase a hammock, you will be provided a newly washed and sanitized hammock for use during class session.

💜 Everyone is required to wear a mask upon entry, exit and set-up until we can guarantee the minimum required safe distance. Any further requirements mandated by LA County for outdoor safe social distance will also be followed.

💜 We wear gloves for set-up and tear-down of equipment. We also wipe down poles with 70% to 90% alcohol.

💜 There will be sanitary wipes provided for any clients that wish to additionally wipe down any of the poles on our traveling aerial stands.

💜 There will be no hands-on assisting. No one else is allowed within your 8' x 9' space. Instructors will be leading and demonstrating on a separate aerial stand.

💜 We will have hand sanitizing gel for clients to use before and after sessions.

💜 Clients must bring their own yoga mat to set up underneath the hammock.

We advise wearing sunscreen, bringing H2O, and don't forget your grip socks! Oh, we are so happy to be safely UP in the air with you again!

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