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Up Fly Outdoors 


This Up Fly Outdoor class will be taking place outside at a private residence UP the hills of Sherman Oaks.

3951 Sumac Drive

Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

There is parallel parking available along Sumac Drive. 

If you are having trouble finding it, text 310-893-4631

 What to bring

  1. Yoga Mat

  2. H2O

  3. Face Mask

  4. Grip Socks

  5. Comfortable clothes for weather conditions and

  6. Wear Sunscreen

  7. If you've purchased one of our Up Fly Take-Home Hammocks, bring with you. (If it's been purchased for pick-up with this session, we'll have it for you at class set up.)

Safety Measures

  • We are requiring social distance measures to 6 FEET minimum at all times.  

  • Everyone is required to wear a FACE MASK upon entering, exiting and aerial stand set-up.  Once you are underneath your hammock, you are allowed to remove your face mask as long as we are abiding by local mandate current requirements. 

  • We ask you use your own YOGA MAT to use during the session.

  • There will be NO HANDS-ON ASSISTING. No one else is allowed within your 8' x 9' space. Instructors will be leading and demonstrating on a separate aerial stand.

  • We wear gloves for set-up and tear-down of equipment. We also clean our stands with 70% to 90% ALCOHOL.

  • There will be SANITARY WIPES provided for any clients that wish to additionally wipe down any of the poles on our traveling aerial stands.

  • We will have hand SANITIZING GEL for clients to use before and after sessions.

  • We are selling our outdoor class HAMMOCKS at a discounted rate of $60 when purchasing a class. Those who choose not to purchase a hammock, you will be provided a newly washed and sanitized hammock for use during class session. Go to for purchase.

  • Our TRAVELING AERIAL STANDS measure at 8 feet x 9 feet wide on the ground. No one else is allowed under your aerial stand except for you. This way we are easily able to keep more than the minimum required distance at all times when on the hammocks.


Class will remain in session rain or shine


You must cancel 8+ hours to retain your credit. No exceptions.  When you cancel 8+ hours before session, your class purchase will still be available in your account for future sessions.  There is a 30 day expiration on all session purchases.

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